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Princess Pet Hair Salon

Princess Pet Hair Salon

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Princess Pet Hair Salon

Girls and boys, welcome to " Princess Pet, Royal Birthday Party". Lovely cuties are waiting for you to dress them up with your fabulous talent. Come on! Let's play with those lovely cuties. And give a climax of the party with fireworks....-OMG! Four super cute Princess Pets - Puppy, kitty, Leopard & Squirrel-Nurture, accessorize ,style & play with your own princess pets-Prepare the delicious birthday cake for your lovely pets-Decorate Your Pets Birthday Party! Having Fun!-Oh! Don't forget to open cool present...Download and play for FREE!See you in HEATS&HUGS Princess Pet Hair Salon...Product Features:-Give your cuties a bubble bath !Get it shiny and clean!-Cut the messy hair with scissors or trimmer -Give your pet unique stylish with exquisite tools -Dye a pink or purple pet as whatever you want-Dress your pets up with endless accessories -Prepare a yummy cake for your pets and feed them -Decorate the birthday party with your style talent-Light the fireworks to lighten up the dark sky-OH! Check out what gift in the box in the room And so much more! Come on and join us to celebrate princess pet birthday.Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can find us on Facebook at facebook.comhugsNheartsGamesor on Twitter at twitter.comHug_n_HeartsAnd website

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